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"P1 Select -" lacks OpenAL32.dll. One can get this from the other zip.

this is bizarre

Love the persistent scores!

Would really appreciate it if my highscore is saved between sessions.

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updated with a few bug fixes and balance changes since the 7 days:

- if you win the game, remaining rings are worth 0.5 points each
- FAST: can take an instant step as well as instant attack, cost 0.5 rings
- BOUNCH: jump over enemies one by one
- DERVISH: attack one more tile but not through walls
- PHASER: can use to take a step through a wall without attacking
- hp changed a bit (there's not a 1hp hero giving unavoidable instant losses, but there's not the arbitrary healing from levelup either)

updated: bug fix with wrongly detecting as being stuck sometimes

Interesting idea! Brain burner.

I see what you did there!

brilliant art!

This is brilliant, thank you for sharing!

The very first screen in and I was suprised.